These are the Mediterranean Design Elements We’re Loving

by Duncan Fraser-Smith

May 24, 2021

These are the Mediterranean Design Elements We’re Loving

The menu at Vesper Bistro and Bar takes your palate on a journey through the Mediterranean, so it makes sense that the décor of our restaurant should too.
The space that is Vesper has been designed with Aegean flair in mind, incorporating classical elements of this aesthetic into every detail of our restaurant. Whether it be bright pops of colour or luxe touches, we want every guest at Vesper to feel as if they are dining on the shores of the azure Aegean waters.
Want to be transported to the Mediterranean from the heart of South Yarra? Visit us today to journey to the Mediterranean with our three favourite interior elements.

Whitewashed walls
Nothing channels the Mediterranean more than whitewashed walls and those famous, blue-topped roofs. The simplicity of white walls lends a chic vibe to any décor setting, making white-on-white a prolific feature in Mediterranean aesthetic.
Here at Vesper Bistro and Bar, we’ve punctuated our whitewashed walls with vibrant hues that are dotted throughout our space.

Sumptuous textures
A little bit of luxe is never a bad idea!
Whether it be soft, velvety fabrics or marbled bench tops, texture can take a luxury turn in Mediterranean interiors. We’ve weaved rich texture throughout many of Vesper’s design elements, from marble topped dining tables and sumptuous brown leather booths of our dining room to the blue velvet banquette in our Green Room.   

Embrace colour
The easy, breezy Mediterranean aesthetic may not immediately hint at an appreciation for colour, but it must be said that well-placed pops of colour never go amiss against white-on-white settings.
To incorporate a touch of the Mediterranean Islands into our restaurant, we opted for lashings of colour that transport you to azure waters of the Aegean – think aqua, royal blue and vibrant orange.  
Bright patterns can also be utilised – our Christian Lacroix wallpaper is an ideal example of design with a distinctly Mediterranean edge.
Experience the luxe Mediterranean aesthetic at Vesper Bistro and Bar today – book your next visit here.  

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